An exceptional year
by your side!

Scroll to relive our highlights of 2022,
and discover our ambitions for 2023.

In 2022,
we recorded...

35 000 000

tickets issued

61 000 000

cashless transactions

120 000

successfully organised events

Festivals, conferences, concerts, exhibitions…
All types of events were on the agenda!

Including 500
major events

And 3,150 days of on-site support, it was quite a challenge!

All around

the world!

With over 76,000 terminals deployed on 5 continents,

we were there to support you wherever you were!

+150 team members

Their unwavering commitment to supporting you was invaluable!
Thank you everyone! 💙

A picture report

Uncover behind-the-scenes footage of this unprecedented season:


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Customer relations,
our top priority

Our teams of experts have been boosted

to better support you

in the success of your projects!

Thank you

for your trust!

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